Monday, February 16, 2009


As I was reading Bordwell's book I found out that 'Koyaanisqatsi' has more clear cut that "A Movie" but there weren't any specific explanation about this film so I decided to watch it on Youtube. 1 hour and 26 minutes. Alright. Why not? What is it mean by the way? I didn't looked it up the meaning of 'Koyaanisqatsi' until I watch the movie. I thought I might be able to figure it out through out the movie. The song? It keeps saying 'Koyaanisqatsi over and over again with brownish tone images of flickering ashes. It is quite depressing. What does it want to tell me? Is this a Grand Canyon ore what? This is distributed by MGM, When I first saw the lion I expected something more than this. Maybe it is volcano in the middle of the scenes. I see desert... Everything seems so empty. Shots are pretty nice. The angle, natural lighting... The long shot of the valleys, mountains, clouds, oceans... but what am I getting out of this? Hmm...... Almost no organisms present. Little bugs fly around. Depressing. They are not still images though. Water falls, clouds moves and dust flies. Was music pre-composed? Not sure. They might have added according to music. Watching the film was not so exciting because I'm used to Hollywood's clear narrative style. Music is not so calm. My mind was unstable as I was listening to it. It was hard to sit through out the whole thing. Many experimental or documentary films tend to test my patience or endurance. I wonder how many years took to collect all those images. By the way what is the director try to convey through his film? In the beginning lots of scenes like ocean waves or water falls are in slow motion. No single words... I want to hear some voice at some point. After sequence of nature, wee see the developed part of the city, factories, constriction places. Machines... Explosion. Pow!The director is blaming the development of mechanisms, pollution? Is that a nuclear bomb or something? The mushroom gets bigger and bigger. Tall buildings and people looking at them, kind of happy faces. I don't know.... for sure... There is a scene where airplane moves from far away. Very slow.... Why so slow? Battles. Which I am afraid of. Air force jets and tanks all over. Destroyed cities. Grey color cities. No vividness. Broken city lights, windows. Then, buildings, bridges, and everything collapse. Scary... Lots of people in the city. Things are so random here. Scenes of nature, battle, and people. Citylights and cityscapes are expressed with fastforward movement... It contrasts with the slow movement of the nature scenes in the begining. I really wonder what the huge fake moon means...

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