Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reading Response on McCloud Reading

What I like about comic book is that you can manipulate time however you want. You can even play with duration. There would be limitation to shot slow motion with the film however comic book can extend one part very easily. You simply need to draw one frame to next frame with a tiny change like a stop motion animation.
The depiction of a rope is simplified as a second which includes twists within the plot. Comic books allow you to emphasize the moment by expressing the frame in size (or length of x-axis and y-axis) and shape(rectangular, circle, trapezoid, etc) and you can also use different shaped bubbles. I personally like the cloud shape with mush edges.

There is a 180 degree rule in film that if the camera moves more than 180 degree from the object than the point of view flips and that can confuse people. But I think since the comic book is a set of still images, readers won't get too confused if angles or directions are switched.

Also, by adding one text, the characters can move to different places. Let's say "1991. Seoul" is written on the top left corner, then the readers will shift the space automatically.

There is one Japanese comic book I loved and the final volume took 6 years to be done from the second till that. The author played with the time of the real world too.

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