Monday, March 23, 2009

Donald Duck's Propaganda Film

IBM TV Commercial

This commercial is criticizing the social networking via internet that people rely too much on these days.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dogumentary: Script

I am Lucy,(My name is Lucy) I am tiny, I am brunette with blonde highlights.

I live my friend, Paul in New York city, Greenwich village where
people are friendly and liberal. In Greenwich Village, there are bars,
movies, museums, cafes, diners…

I have lived a half of my life here. I don’t mind spending the rest of
my life here.

How do I know today is Sunday?

When he doesn’t wake up at the first alarm clock, then it must be Sunday.

It’s 10 am in the morning now, I hear him getting up from the bed, I
guess he has been tired from work for the whole week. He opens the

Oh, please don’t turn on the TV. It will be another hour to get him
out of the couch.

He might need a cup of coffee after a shower.

I lick his face and it smells like Gillette shaving cream.

I am ready to head out!

I enjoy going to Duane Reade because he will hold me in his arm.

Who can live without Duane Reade? They have anything you need.

Air’s fresh. It’s a little bit chilly. I like it. I hate summer here.
It’s too humid and stinky.

I’m very independent. I gotta exercise. I keep my shape. I don’t
want anyone’s accompany.

I’m just not feeling comfortable being with others except him. I’m not
an anti-social but I just don’t have time for socializing. Ok~!

That was a good walk. Time for the treat! “Big Juicy! Beef!
Liver!”(Say as if you really really desire)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This is a sample video from the dog's point of view. It's my embarrassing voice-acting.

Dogumentary from Iva Son on Vimeo.

Plan on Dogumentary

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Research- Advantage of using MIDI

Despite controversies over use of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), it has clearly helped composers create music and edit them easily. Not only professional, but also armature musicians have become more aware of producing music. Thus, MIDI has contributed to the world of music society over all. Although it is mechanical sound, the tremendous variety of sound sources are nearly close to the original instrumental sound. The most beneficial part of MIDI is reducing labor costs. Besides, increase in speed of processing music revitalizes music industries. Why do some people dislike MIDI? We should all take the advantage of the technology given to us. I would like to research benefit of having MIDI technology and how to utilize it.

"Musical: The Robots" -Final Project

“Musical: The Robots” is an interactive musical that if a keyboard
corresponding to each robot is pressed, then the musical beats/notes
will start to play. Beats and notes are robot ways of communicating
and unfold stories.
I believe sound can provide narration itself. MIDI, musical
instrument digital interface, allows you to express musical thoughts
without having actual instruments. “Musical: The Robot” will speak
through musical beats and notes. Each robot will have unique sound
that can be interpreted as their voices. In the musical play setting,
the robots will move their bodies up when selected by the Processing
setup. Once the correspondent keyboards are pressed they will keep
playing. Some combinations will sound great whereas some aren’t like
life. You can’t always harmonize with everyone but you try.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Final Project Idea Concepts

After many thoughts, I felt my original idea of comparing 2D and 3D animation was not enough. So I decided to use MIDI, and coding skills I achieved so far. Of course, I would love to create characters for the new project. These two concepts are just idea sketches for now. I may or may not use the keyboard. I'm still thinking about how to make this narrative and interactive at the same time.

Friday, March 6, 2009


-Dog as a best friend, accessory and baby

-Using a traditional documentary style, we will explore the role
of the pooch in society and within an urban environment.

-Urban Phenomenon Dogs as Social Connectors
Dog owners more likely to get date/ attention when walking their dogs
Ultra Kawaii website (Japanese meaning "Very Very Cute ”)
A baby to witness their love:,,1007288_1010653_9,00.html
NYTimes: Dog Run Culture By JESSE McKINLEY Published: Sunday, October 15, 1995 (see below)

-Expenses A Financial Look at Dog Spending in America
Dogs, like children, need love, training, food, medical care and some
miscellaneous items during their lifetime which lasts 8-14 years.
Small to medium-sized dogs

Est. life span: 14 years
First year: $740 to $1,325
Est. annual costs thereafter:
$500 to $875
Total est. lifetime cost
$7,240 to $12,700

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Styleframe for Mini-Thesis: 2D vs 3D

Concept Statement and Pitch for Mini-Thesis: 2D vs 3D


"Exploration and experimentation of 2D and 3D animation styles through comparing and showing them at once"


In addition to my previous work of a 3D animation, “The Three Little Beans”, a multilingual educational animation for pre-schoolers, a 2D version will be created by using the After Effect program. The goal is to explore and experiment two different styles in order to find out which style works better especially for the particular genre, an edutainment program for kids. It will contain exact same characters and scene but only difference it that the style. The viewers will see the 2D and 3D animations in one screen, 2D on the top and 3D one on the bottom side.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Automatic Writing 2 : Frozen River

Story of two women, one Caucasian and one Mohawk, made me think how the society has caused them live in such difficult circumstances… Did they have any other choice? They needed money to survive with their children. Severe snowy weather on the Mohawk reservation…The Mohawk woman’s husband died so she has to make living and her baby is stolen by mother-in-law. She can’t afford to live without doing illegal jobs, stealing cars and smuggling Chinese and Pakistan immigrants to Canada. She lives in an RV car in the Mohawk Reservation and it seems government isn’t supporting Mohawk’s lives. Once in a while, I heard of North Koreans running away to China crossing the border and go live in Manju. They can get killed if get caught. How bad is the living out there that they want to get out of it risking their lives so bad? Crossing the icy river where there is no clarified certain nation and driving through the sever weather seem like both a hell and a heaven to illegal immigrants. It’s the only way to go to Canada to live on and they might get caught or ice can break while they cross it. The other issue of this film was racial discrimination. Lila, The Mohawk keeps saying it to Ray, the Caucasian woman that she is going to get into a trouble only because she is white. Even when Ray smuggles by helping Ray, she gets suspicious of the black luggage that the Pakistan couple carries and throws away while driving. They end up figuring out there was a baby in the bag but Ray first thinks there could be a bomb. I think the problem is the media effect that our society has. Lots of evil characters are people in color and Arab men are terrorists as we can often see it on TV or films. Actually, I’m grateful to see mothers are getting stronger in comparison to past days.


It is simply the study of Sign Process. Linguist Ferdinand de Saussure introduced Dyadic: two- part model of the sign. A Signifier is the FORM which the sign takes and the Signified is the CONCEPT it represents. A a sign has no absolute value because each sign depends on its relations with other signs. Sassure declares that ‘the entire linguistic system is founded upon the irrational principle that the sign is arbitrary’

Monday, March 2, 2009

Final Portrait Project: Clovis

netport from Nick Perez-Gurri on Vimeo.Our group came up with better idea of expressing Clovis' loneliness through 2nd life. We combined chatting, web images,etc however we just didn't mock her sexual desire. Clearly, she has a passion for her job as a trumpet musician.