Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dogumentary: Script

I am Lucy,(My name is Lucy) I am tiny, I am brunette with blonde highlights.

I live my friend, Paul in New York city, Greenwich village where
people are friendly and liberal. In Greenwich Village, there are bars,
movies, museums, cafes, diners…

I have lived a half of my life here. I don’t mind spending the rest of
my life here.

How do I know today is Sunday?

When he doesn’t wake up at the first alarm clock, then it must be Sunday.

It’s 10 am in the morning now, I hear him getting up from the bed, I
guess he has been tired from work for the whole week. He opens the

Oh, please don’t turn on the TV. It will be another hour to get him
out of the couch.

He might need a cup of coffee after a shower.

I lick his face and it smells like Gillette shaving cream.

I am ready to head out!

I enjoy going to Duane Reade because he will hold me in his arm.

Who can live without Duane Reade? They have anything you need.

Air’s fresh. It’s a little bit chilly. I like it. I hate summer here.
It’s too humid and stinky.

I’m very independent. I gotta exercise. I keep my shape. I don’t
want anyone’s accompany.

I’m just not feeling comfortable being with others except him. I’m not
an anti-social but I just don’t have time for socializing. Ok~!

That was a good walk. Time for the treat! “Big Juicy! Beef!
Liver!”(Say as if you really really desire)

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