Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Automatic Writing 2 : Frozen River

Story of two women, one Caucasian and one Mohawk, made me think how the society has caused them live in such difficult circumstances… Did they have any other choice? They needed money to survive with their children. Severe snowy weather on the Mohawk reservation…The Mohawk woman’s husband died so she has to make living and her baby is stolen by mother-in-law. She can’t afford to live without doing illegal jobs, stealing cars and smuggling Chinese and Pakistan immigrants to Canada. She lives in an RV car in the Mohawk Reservation and it seems government isn’t supporting Mohawk’s lives. Once in a while, I heard of North Koreans running away to China crossing the border and go live in Manju. They can get killed if get caught. How bad is the living out there that they want to get out of it risking their lives so bad? Crossing the icy river where there is no clarified certain nation and driving through the sever weather seem like both a hell and a heaven to illegal immigrants. It’s the only way to go to Canada to live on and they might get caught or ice can break while they cross it. The other issue of this film was racial discrimination. Lila, The Mohawk keeps saying it to Ray, the Caucasian woman that she is going to get into a trouble only because she is white. Even when Ray smuggles by helping Ray, she gets suspicious of the black luggage that the Pakistan couple carries and throws away while driving. They end up figuring out there was a baby in the bag but Ray first thinks there could be a bomb. I think the problem is the media effect that our society has. Lots of evil characters are people in color and Arab men are terrorists as we can often see it on TV or films. Actually, I’m grateful to see mothers are getting stronger in comparison to past days.

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