Friday, March 6, 2009


-Dog as a best friend, accessory and baby

-Using a traditional documentary style, we will explore the role
of the pooch in society and within an urban environment.

-Urban Phenomenon Dogs as Social Connectors
Dog owners more likely to get date/ attention when walking their dogs
Ultra Kawaii website (Japanese meaning "Very Very Cute ”)
A baby to witness their love:,,1007288_1010653_9,00.html
NYTimes: Dog Run Culture By JESSE McKINLEY Published: Sunday, October 15, 1995 (see below)

-Expenses A Financial Look at Dog Spending in America
Dogs, like children, need love, training, food, medical care and some
miscellaneous items during their lifetime which lasts 8-14 years.
Small to medium-sized dogs

Est. life span: 14 years
First year: $740 to $1,325
Est. annual costs thereafter:
$500 to $875
Total est. lifetime cost
$7,240 to $12,700

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